Isaiah 64: 1-9

Mark 13: 24-37




A couple of years ago Margaret and myself set out on a walk around Derwent Reservoir in the Hope Valley. I remember it being a fine but very cold winters day. On the walk we chatted away about the lovely views and how fortunate we were to have such stunning scenery on our doorstep.


After a few hours we began to wonder how much further we would have to walk before finding a bridge to take us over to the other side of the reservoir. Do we turn back or keep walking? We decided to keep walking. However, we had no water, no food, the wrong footwear and no map. We did eventually found a bridge to cross but the walk back to the car park took us a very long time – and a distance of 11 miles. We were not prepared for the journey and learnt a lesson.


In our reading from St. Mark's Gospel, Jesus shares a simple parable with the disciples about a man who goes on a journey, putting some slaves in charge and telling the doorkeeper to be on the watch. Jesus uses the phrase, “Keep awake,” for in this parable, no one knows when the master will return. It is important that they are not asleep when he comes, and once more, Jesus repeats the phrase, “Keep awake”.


Keep awake. Be alert. If there is one responsibility that Christians have, it is to obey this command. We need to make adequate preparation every day in the knowledge that Christ has died, Christ is risen and Christ will come again. We are on a journey: that makes us pilgrims and as such we need to prepare for the journey and to make sure we have prepared ourselves sufficiently, to make sure we don't get too lost, or too hungry or travel too slowly. After all, with any journey, we are meant to arrive.




Lord Jesus Christ,

teach us to anticipate your return

by preparing the way for your coming;

to catch a glimpse of your kingdom

through living by its values today.

Live in us now, so that the day may come

when we live with you and all your people for eternity,

your will complete and your promise fulfilled.

In your name we ask it.



Every Blessing

Canon Dave                                                28th November 2020

Canon Dave’s Weekly Message

Dear Friends


Once again, we have new guidance to follow during this pandemic. I do hope Christmas will work and people will be responsible about their household gatherings. It is a challenge for all of us but with the good news of a vaccine, things will hopefully improve soon.


Services will resume at St. Peter's Edensor on Sunday 6th December with a service of Holy Communion at 10.45am. Please phone me 01246 386385 to book your place as we are still limited on how many can attend. It is also important to book for future Sundays, together with Christmas services at Beeley and Edensor.

Services planned for Beeley and Edensor


Sunday 6th December: 10.45am Holy Communion at St. Peter's

Sunday 13th December: 10.45am Holy Communion at St. Peter's

Sunday 20th December: 10.45am Matins at St. Peter's

Christmas Eve: 6.00pm Holy Communion at St. Anne's.

Christmas Day: 10.45am Holy Communion at St. Peter's

Sunday 27th December: 9.30am Holy Communion St. Anne's

Sunday 27th December: 10.45am Holy Communion St. Peter's

On a lighter note did you hear about the very strict member of the Free Church of Scotland who gave the minister a bottle of cherry brandy for Christmas? She bought him this gift on the understanding that it would be acknowledged in the church magazine. In the next edition the minister “thanked Mrs. Mackintosh for the gift of cherries and for the spirit in which it was given”.